Nepali Thali Village Style

Meal for 2 person includes:

  • Kwati: mixed soup of nine plus types of sprouted beans cooked with basic spices as coriander, fennel and onion. Finished with Ajwain and garlic tempering. 8oz 


  • Tarkari -Aloo Tama Bodi: mixed curry of potato, bamboo shoots and black eyed pea cooked with tomatoes, onion and 5 whole spices Pach Phoron. 8oz 


  • Thebe: medium spicy pickle made from fresh daikon radish, carrot and sprouted moth beans, finished with fenugreek tempering. Contains fresh lime juice, Schwann pepper, cumin and mustard. 


  • Furaula: mildly spiced buckwheat and lentil fritters. Contains sprouted fenugreek seeds, onion, garlic,
    ginger and spices includes ajwain. 2 pieces


  • Chutney: tomato and hempseed spicy chutney. 2oz
  • Rice: steamed basmati rice. 16oz 


  • 2 Kheer: Millet and cashew nut pudding in oat milk with hint of cardamom and saffron topped with pistachio. 4oz